How to prepare a Hookah Bowl?

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Preparing a hookah bowl may be one of the most important steps, the quality of your smoking session will 100% depend on it and what we all want is to have a smooth and enjoyable session. Here we show you the basics of preparing bowls.

What we need?

Hookah bowl (Do you already know our Cyril collection? Direct from Spain!)
Hookah tobacco/ shisha (get to know all our options)
Aluminum foil or a heat management device
Charcoal (coco charcoal is always a good option!)
Hookah charcoal tongs (You will love these great models!)
Hookah wind cover (optional)

Take the hookah bowl and fill it with shisha. Fluff the tobacco into the bowl, making sure it’s loose and not tightly packed. Avoid overpacking the bowl, as this can restrict airflow and hinder the smoking experience.
You can use aluminum foil or a heat management device to cover the bowl. If using foil, tear a piece large enough to cover the bowl, leaving a little extra hanging over the edges. Stretch the foil tightly over the bowl, ensuring it’s smooth and taut.

Use a hookah puncher to create small holes in the foil. The holes should be evenly spaced and cover the entire surface of the foil. This allows air to flow through and heat the shisha evenly.
Ignite the charcoal using a charcoal burner, torch, or lighter. Make sure the charcoal is completely lit and glowing red on all sides. Allow the charcoal to heat the shisha. You’ll start to see smoke as it heats up.

Once the bowl is hot and producing smoke, inhale slowly and steadily to enjoy the flavor and aroma of the shisha. Exhale the smoke in a controlled manner. Control heat by adjusting charcoal placement or adding or removing charcoal as necessary to maintain proper temperature. And ready! Now you can enjoy a session with your hookah bowl!

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