Cyril Bowl Thor

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Unveiling the Customizable Beauty and Power of Our Bowls Thor


Designed for perfect heat input and air distribution. Made of clay in different colors and finishes.
Specs :

• Type of clay: White chamotte and black.
• Height: 3.3 in
• Diameter: 1.7 in
• Phunnel Diameter: 0.5 in
• Approx. weight: 0.7 lbs
• Load Capacity: Medium
*All our bowls can be customized*

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Cyril Bowl Thor


Elevate Your Shisha Experience with Style and Performance


The Cyril Bowl Thor, meticulously crafted, is a true masterpiece in design and functionality, offering the utmost shisha tobacco smoking experience. It carefully considers every detail, delivering optimal performance in heat distribution and airflow, enhancing your enjoyment of richer flavors and denser smoke clouds in each shisha session.

This bowl is made from the highest quality clay and is available in a variety of colors and finishes that perfectly suit your style and personal preferences. Crafted with white chamotte and black clay for exceptional durability and outstanding heat resistance, ensuring countless memorable shisha sessions.

Measuring 3.3 inches in height and 1.7 inches in diameter, the Cyril Bowl Thor is the perfect size to accommodate your shisha tobacco loading needs. The 0.5-inch phunnel design ensures even heat distribution and smooth airflow, enhancing efficiency and flavor concentration.

Despite its exceptional performance, this bowl surprises with its lightweight design, weighing only 0.7 pounds, ensuring easy handling and transportation. Its medium-sized loading capacity suits both individual and shared shisha sessions.

Best of all, we offer the option to customize all our bowls to suit your unique tastes. Choose colors, finishes, and decorations to personalize your Cyril Bowl Thor, making it uniquely yours. Explore endless customization options.

In summary, the Cyril Bowl Thor is much more than just a simple shisha tobacco bowl. It is a functional work of art that elevates your smoking experience to an entirely new level. Crafted design, quality, customization – Bowl Thor: Essential for shisha sessions, a standout in your hookah accessory collection.


About Bowl Thor:


A masterpiece in design and functionality, meticulously crafted for exceptional shisha experiences. Made from premium clay, it boasts white chamotte and black for durability. Measuring 3.3″ in height and 1.7″ in diameter with a 0.5″ phunnel, it delivers optimal heat distribution. Lightweight at 0.7 lbs, it suits individual or shared sessions. Customize it to make it yours. Elevate your shisha journey with Bowl Thor.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in

Black, Blue, Blue Pink, Blue-Brown, Blue-Purple, Blue-Yellow, Brown, Brown Cosmic, Green, Green-Black, Green-Brown, Green-Silver, Green-Yellow, Mix Colors, Purple, Purple – Turquoise, Purple-White, Red, Red-Blue, Red-Gray, Red-White, Red-Yellow, Blue – Cosmic

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